Bringing plants indoors in Fall: Pro tips for a successful winter

The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisper and you’ve been dreaming of your garden for weeks. As the growth in your plants start to slow down, and if your plants are tropical and you live in a non-tropical region, you need to start planning for the winters. 

It’s time to bring plants indoors! Here are a few tips from our team at Treleaf to make sure they look their best over the winter months: 

We recommend taking steps before you start moving your plants indoors.  

  1. Take a moment to clean off any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on your plants during the summertime growth with a hose, in the rain or by wiping them down. Clean the leaves and pot exteriors. 
  2. Inspect for any hitchhikers like bugs, caterpillars and safely remove them from the leaves. 
  3. Treat each plant  for any pest issues, such as fungus gnats, spider mites, mealy bugs or any unwelcome insects. Even if you don't see any visible pests, we recommend using organic solutions like neem oil spray as preventative pest measure. 
  4. Optional. Quarantine each plant in a common area so you can give them all the love they deserve before putting them away in their permanent spot. 
  5. Perk up your plants with a new wooden indoor support to display their full beauty and grace. Treleaf has some great options for those! Just pick out what works best for your aesthetics and your plants.