5 Reasons your plant needs some support!

If you love houseplants, you probably have a vining, trailing or climbing plant like a pothos, monstera or a philodendron hanging along happily.

TLDR: Discover the importance of providing proper support to your plants with Treleaf's insightful blog post. Learn about the five key reasons why your plants benefit from trellises and supports. From promoting healthy growth to enhancing aesthetics, find out how plant supports can make a significant difference in your gardening journey.

Hanging vines do give a jungle vibe to any space but there are a number of reasons why you would like to support the vines. 

  1. Letting the vines climb helps the leaves become larger
  2. To add height and provide structure
  3. Climbing leaves mature faster, inducing fenestrations (especially for monsteras and cebu blues) 
  4. Climbing vines expose more leaves to sunlight and air
  5. Your plants get turned into art :) 

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