Get creative with your plants. Display them with Treleaf Trellis trellises.

Here are some styling Inspiration videos to inspire you. Discover unique ways to style and showcase our premium plant trellises in your indoor spaces.

These videos provide insights into creating stunning greenery displays that captivate the eye. Support your plants in style, transform your surroundings as well as give your houseplants a beautiful leaf shaped trellis to climb on. Bring a touch of nature into your life.

Looking for a fresh new look on your garden? Take inspiration from these Treleaf styling videos. Check out our FAQs and blog posts to learn all about how you can create the perfect plant/plant support combination for your indoor garden!

Cactrella Staked Trellis Display in all 3 Sizes: 

The petite size is discontinued. The Cactrella trellis can be bought in two sizes - Regular and Grande. 


Grande Wall Mounted Trellises on Display: The wall trellises are available in two sizes and are left unfinished for you to finish it to match your indoor decor. 


Palmella Staked TrellisSyngonium being supported by Palmella grande trellis


Palmella Mini Wall Mounted Trellis


Monstrella Staked Trellis: Monstrella supporting a very leggy diffenbachia plant. 


Monstrella Mini Wall Mounted TrellisWall mounted plant clips shaped like leaves holding up a pothos vine and creating a green wall aesthetic. 


Zella Extendable Trellis: Zella trellis supporting a Monstera Adansonii plant. 


Plants and Staked Trellises Combinations: Plants featured in the video - Syngonium, Scindapsus, Philodendrons, Monstera, Hoya and Pothos. 


Peptrella Staked Trellis supporting a Hoya plant with long tendrils. 


Anthrulla Staked Trellis supporting Philodendron Brasil. 


Trellove 3-D trellis: Featuring our nested heart design perfect for supporting Hoya plants.