Here are some video resources to help you decide the plant/trellis combination to choose. Please check out our FAQs, how to choose a trellis page and blog.  

How to take care of your trellises?

As Treleaf products are made out of wood, they do require some maintenance to get the maximum life out of the products. At the end of life, these trellises can be composted.

All our products are intended for indoor use only and are designed to be used in soil. The life of the product might reduce significantly if used in outdoor environments or in other growth media. 

Each trellis comes with a 6 month warranty. If you experience any issues with the product during the warranty period, please reach out to us at 

The care of the trellises varies based on the wood the product is made from. 

Classic collection: Trellises from our classic collection come sealed with exterior grade coatings. You can start using the trellises right away. We recommend inspecting the trellis every 3 months and resealing with exterior grade laquer or poly as needed. The stakes can be inspected whenever the plant is repotted. If you see any holes in the coating, we recommend using liquid rubber to seal them. 

BARE collection: Trellises from our BARE collection, we recommend coating them - either with paint, or exterior grade wood coatings or wax/oil. If used without sealing, you will run into the wood showing water spots. The stakes that go into the ground come sealed and ready to go. 

Modular collection:  The modular collection trellises are made from Cedar which is know to be naturally weather resistant. They are very low maintenance and do not require additional sealing/coating. 

How are Treleaf trellises made ?


How to install Palmella Staked Trellis?


Palmella staked trellis size guide? 

All our trellises now come in two sizes - Grande (~24") and Regular (12"). The petite size trellises are no longer available. 


How to install a staked trellis?


How to install wall mounted trellis in size petite ?


How to install wall mounted trellis in size Grande ?


How to remove wall mounted trellis?


How to do Treleaf Wall Tape Test?


How to setup the extendable Zella plant support?


How to use the extendable Zella plant support?


How to install Stella trellis and extend it? 

We now also have Stella in two finishes - white cedar and red cedar to complement your decor.  

How to use the Folia tags?