5 Ways to decorate with houseplants for the holidays

The holiday season is here which means decorating your mantle with festive garland, wrapping tinsel around the Christmas tree and maybe even hanging a mistletoe from your front door. But what about decor for your house plants? In true plant parent form, I'm sure the idea of decorating your house plants for the holidays has crossed your mind. Well in this blog, there are some ideas to get creative with your houseplants this holiday season and make them a part of your holiday decorations.

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Decorating house plants for Christmas

Festive Foliage Customizable Ornament Kit

There's nothing more special than a hand made ornament, especially if you have small children. Here at Treleaf, we've put together a DIY ornament kit featuring our Bare Monstrella ornament. Everything you need is provided in the kit, all you'll need to bring is water and any art medium to decorate.

Fall festive customizable ornament kit by Treleaf
Fall festive customizable ornament kit by Treleaf

Light up that potted tree with fairy lights

One easy and classy holiday decor to add to your plants, is fairy lights. Fairy lights can be easily found online or in stores and are battery operated. You can string them around an area of plants, or use it on a single plant. This is also a great idea if you want to skip the idea of a Christmas tree and use a Rubber or Fig tree, or any big plant, in place! Fairy lights come in an array of colors so finding one to match the style of your home won't be hard.

Fairy lights on a tree in the woods
Fairy lights on a tree in the woods
Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

Plants as centerpieces

Are you hosting a holiday dinner? Use your favorite plant as the centerpiece on your dining table! You can go for the holiday plant, the tropical Christmas cactus! This jungle cactus in a vining type of plant with a cute and unique foliage shape. Bonus points is your Christmas cactus is in bloom! One sure fire way get the conversation started.

plant in a white planter next to a silver star

Plant in white planter next to silver Christmas star and candle

If you plan on leaving plants as a centerpiece for a room for a long period of time, make sure they receive some sort of natural light to help the health of the plants.

Get creative with your pots

Getting creative with your pots is one way to make your plants stand out. Wrapping them in Christmas wrapping paper, tinsel or using left over stick on bows you may have laying around is a cute and easy way to decorate your plants. This is also a good idea if you're gifting a pot or a plant to a friend.

Person holding small painted pot

Hand holding a small succulent in a painted pot
Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

You can even choose a cohesive theme to choose to make your decor pop more. And adding pops of real or faux holly makes for the perfect holiday decor.

Add a statement trellis to your plant

A statement trellis is a great way to add some flair and function to your garden or indoor space during the holidays. A trellis is perfect for not only supporting your plants but also a great way to string some fairy lights or even add some ornaments.

Hoya wrapped around trellove wooden trellis by Treleaf

Vining Hoya plant wrapped around wooden Trellove trellis by Treleaf

Going for a DIY trellis, like the Bare collection from Treleaf, puts you in complete control. You can design this trellis anyway you want and paint, or draw or decorate, the perfect Christmas theme. You could even design some to be faux Christmas trees and wrap your trailing plants around them.

Adding ornaments to your plants

One quick and easy way to decorate your plants for Christmas, would be to decorate them with different types of ornaments. Adding your DIY ornaments or store brought ornaments to more sturdy plants is simple and quick and will make your plant and plant area look festive for the holidays!

fake christmas tree with ornaments

Small Christmas tree with wooden, plant inspired ornaments by Treleaf

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