Beyond Basic: The Plant Tag Upgrade Every Plant Parent Needs

Ever feel like you're living in a jungle of unknowns? You know you have a monstera, but is it a deliciosa or a borsigiana? And what about that fern in the corner – is it happy or slowly withering away?

We've all been there. Plant parenthood can be a journey filled with triumphs and, well, a few mystery trips to the google plant doctor. But fear not, fellow plant enthusiasts! There's a solution to the "name that plant" and "what's wrong with my plant?!" conundrums: Folia 2.0, the revamped wooden plant labels that go beyond the basics.

The Folia 2.0 Evolution!

Folia has evolved into Folia 2.0! We listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce our new and improved wooden plant labels, crafted from beautiful and naturally moisture-resistant red cedarwood.

Why Folia is a Game-Changer?

1. No More Deciphering Cryptic Scribbles

Remember those flimsy plastic tags that fade faster than your enthusiasm after overwatering your succulent? Folia 2.0 is crafted from naturally moisture-resistant red cedarwood, ensuring your labels stay crisp and clear, even after countless watering sessions. Think of it as a permanent ID card for your plant friends.

2. Write with Confidence

Smooth and polished, these wooden tags provide the perfect canvas for your botanical notes. Jot down scientific names, nicknames, or even watering schedules (because, let's be honest, we all need reminders sometimes!).

3. Double the Space, Double the Fun

Folia 2.0 boasts a double-sided design, giving you ample space to document everything your plant needs to thrive. Light requirements, specific care instructions, or even a motivational message (like "You got this, little fern!") – the possibilities are endless.

4. Embrace the Natural Touch

Ditch the cheap plastic and hello to the warm, earthy tones of red cedarwood. These tags seamlessly complement your plants. The leaf shape is designed to peep out from the side of the pot. So you don’t have to dig through the foliage to see what plant it is. 

Folia 2.0 is more than aesthetics, it is a perfect way to organize your plant collection without compromising on style. 

Ready to ditch the confusion and cultivate clarity?

Grab your set of Folia tags today and connect with your green family! Sold as a set of 12. Buy it for yourself or share it with your plant bestie. Remember, happy plants, happy plant parents!