Zella - Wooden Extendable Plant Support


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Regular Kit Includes

2x Base Units, 2x Extension Units, 2x End Caps, 8x Clips

Grande Kit Includes

2x Base Unit, 2x Extension Unit, 2x End Cap, 8x Clips

This climbing plant support can be used OUTDOORS. 

This plant support grows with your plants. Just attach an extension once your plant grows. This is one of our favorite ways to support climbing plants. Can be extended up to 5 feet tall!

For styling inspiration, visit the Zella video resources page

Design Inspiration

These wood trellises are inspired by the Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ leaf. Each wooden trellis for climbing plants is one of a kind with a unique grain structure that is sure to be a statement piece at your home. 

Common climbing plants that need support are aroids, monsteras, philodendrons as well as common vining plants like pothos. 

Below are the sizes for the Zella climbing plant supports. Also refer to the images for the sizing table.

Size Regular kit:

Base unit x 2  (H x W) - 11.5" x 1.5"

Extension unit x 2 (H x W) - 8.5" x 1.5"

End cap x 2 ( H x W) - 1" x 1.5"

Clips x 8 

Size Grande kit:

Base unit x 2  (H x W) - 23" x 3"

Extension unit x 2 (H x W) - 17" x 3"

End cap x 2 ( H x W) - 1" x 3"

Clips x 8

Why cedar wood?

Cedar is known to be naturally rot resistant. They are the go to material for outdoor home construction projects. We are bringing cedar to your plant supports. 

Learn more about planks vs pole through our blogpost here. These work great for any climbing plants that typically use moss poles like Philodendron Melanochrysum, Monsteras, Anthuriums or Pothos. 

    All designs copyrighted and all names trademarked.

    Say goodbye to ugly moss poles, bamboo stakes or wire hangers. Use these functional pieces for your potted babies. 

    How is it made?

    • Each trellis is designed and made in USA
    • The trellis is made by laser cutting a 1/4" thick wood
    • The stakes that hold the trellis in the ground are coated  with moisture resistant coatings

    Why support your plants?

    • Train your plants to climb a unique support
    • Vining plants love support
    • You will see your leaves mature, aerial roots attach and plants stand up straight
    • You can transform your plant into a piece of art

    We care about the environment. 

    You can feel good about making better choices for the environment. 

    • We use locally sourced raw materials whenever possible
    • All the coatings are chose to be low VOC and water based
    • All the packaging is recyclable and compostable and plastic-free
    • You can take pride in knowing you are buying local


    • As this is a handmade product and each piece is one of a kind, there might be a slight variation in the colors from the pictures.
    • There might be slight burn marks on the pieces which is common for laser cut pieces. The burn marks do not affect the function of the trellises
    • Each trellis comes with a 6 month warranty. We recommend the trellis is inspected every 6 months and sealed with exterior grade lacquer or poly to keep it safe from moisture.

    All designs copyrighted and all names trademarked.

    Check out our blogposts that talk more about plant support - Types of plant supports availableMoss pole vs wooden planks


    What is Treleaf?

    Treleaf was founded to bring plant-inspired functional designs to the plant community. Our patent-pending designs are inspired by iconic leaves. 

    What are Treleaf trellises made out of?

    Treleaf trellises are made out of  hardwood plywood. The wood is about ¼” thick. We use wood of a higher grade than typical laser-cut material. We also use water-based (environment-friendly) exterior grade coatings to resist moisture to get the most life out of your trellis.

    Why did you choose wood over plastic?

    As a brand, we want to provide beautiful, functional products while minimizing impact on earth. 

    Wood is a classic material, and we love the complex, yet appealing, texture of wood.  

    Although biodegradable plastics or plastics made from renewable feedstocks are available in the market, even the biodegradable and compostable plastics take years to break down and decompose unless put in the industrial composting conditions. 

    Where are Treleaf trellises made?

    Treleaf trellises are made in Atlanta, GA, USA. 

    How do you come up with your designs?

    We take inspiration from nature to design our trellises. Most of our Trellises are based on iconic leaf shapes. 

    How do you bring the designs to life?

    Treleaf manufactures all their products using small batch manufacturing techniques. We digitally design our products, use computer-aided machines to fabricate them and hand-finish them with lots of love.  

    How big are the trellises?

    We have designed the trellises in different sizes to fit your plant’s growth pattern. We have trellises for all kinds of plants - vining plants, stringing plants, top heavy plants. Check out our blogs, happy customers page, video resources and how to choose a trellis page to find the best trellis for you. 

    Can Treleaf trellises really support my plants?

    Treleaf trellises are designed to be functional support. The shape of the trellises lends itself to help the plants trail without using any plant ties. 

    Does Treleaf work only in soil?

    We have customers that have successfully used Treleaf trellises in LECA. Although made of wood, the entire trellis is sealed to prevent moisture damage. The stakes are double coated. 

    Why are Treleaf trellises so expensive compared to a bamboo stake?

    Treleaf is committed to bringing sustainable manufacturing processes. That means we want to make things closer to where our customers are. 

    All our products are made in USA. We locally source our raw materials whenever possible. We pride ourselves on using the best quality wood, providing the best finishes to the wood to maximize it’s life. They are made locally with lots of care. We pay all our employees and contractors a living wage, not minimum wage. 

    We cannot and do not want to compete on price with other products that are either mass produced overseas or made with inferior quality raw material. 

    Our aim is to not only bring plant-inspired products, but we want the quality of the product to be commensurate with a piece of art.  

    We choose quality and sustainability over driving down cost. 

    How do I choose the right trellis for my plant?

    The size of your plant, the growth pattern can help you choose the right trellis for your plant. You can look at our happy customers page, how to choose a trellis and video resources to help you make a decision. If you would like to get a Treleaf stylist to help with the choices, please send an email at support@treleaf.shop. 

    Where do you ship?

    We ship worldwide! We offer free US shipping for all orders. International shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

    What is your return policy?

    We provide a hassle free 30-Day return policy. Send us an email at support@treleaf.shop to initiate a return. 

    I have a problem or a question. What is the best way to contact you?

    You can email us your questions at support@treleaf.shop. You can also reach us via Instagram and Facebook DMs. We will get back to you within a day.

    Or just tap on the green chat icon on the bottom right of this page to chat with us and get your questions answered. 

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