What trellis should I buy for my plant?

Here are some guidelines and examples of plant/trellis combinations that are styled by the Treleaf community. I hope this gives you the inspiration to start supporting your plants and bringing more greenery indoors. 


The Anthrulla trellis is perfect for top heavy plants that can easily topple over and need extra stability. It’s also commonly used for vining plants. Anthrulla is perfect for

Upright plants 

  • Philodendron Silver Sword
  • Philodendron Birkin
  • Rhaphidaphora Tetrasperma / Baby Monsteras

Vining plants

  • English ivy
  • Monstera Adansonii

vining philodendron on wooden plant supportupright philodendron on Anthrulla wooden trellis for indoor plants


Cactrella trellis has the perfect cut outs to support vining plants. It’s also commonly used to support top heavy plants.

Upright plants

  • Philodendron Birkin
  • Philodendron Red Cardinal

Vining plants

  • Hoyas
  • English Ivy
  • Syngonium
  • Pothos 
a vining plant on Treleaf wooden plant supporta vining wax plant on a cactrella trellis by treleaf


Monstrella trellis is one of our most popular designs and used for all types of plants. Here are some combinations that are favorites by our Treleaf community.

Upright plants

  • Monstera Albo
  • Philodendron Pink Princess
  • Philodendron Sodiroi
  • Syngonium Frosted Heart 

Vining plants

  • Blooming Hoyas
  • Silver Satin Scindapsus
  • Tradescantias 
vining wax plant on wooden plant support by TreleafVining Philodendron Brandi on Monstrella trellis for indoor plants


The Palmella design makes it ideal for any and all vining plants.

Customers commonly pair this plant with

  • Philodendron Lemon-Lime
  • Mini Monstera (rhaphidophora tetrasperma)
  • Golden Pothos
  • Syngoniums
Vining house plant on DIY wooden plant trellis PalmellaVining indoor plant on Palmella trellis for potted plants


The circular design of Peptrella makes it perfect for vining plants. It’s commonly paired with long, vining plants.

  • Hoyas
  • Pothos
  • Rhipsalis
Vining wax plant on circular wood trellis by TreleafLong vining Hoya on Peptrella trellis for indoor plants by Treleaf



Stella is the modular trellis that is able to grow with your plants. Customers commonly pair this trellis with the following houseplants

  • Philodendron Billietiae
  • Mini Monstera
  • Monstera Peru
  • Monstera Adansonii
vining wax plant on extendable wooden cedar trellisSmall vining plant on extendable Stella trellis by Treleaf


Trellove open concept design makes it perfect for all types of vining plants from the big leaves to the small. Plants that work perfectly with Trellove are

  • String of hearts
  • Various types of Hoyas
  • Syngonium Wendlandii
Vining plant on Trellove wooden plant supportTrailing succulent on wooden indoor plant by Treleaf


The Zella trellis is a part of our modular collection - the trellis that grows with your plant. The flat design of this trellis, makes it perfect for plants to attach their aerial roots and aid in their growth. It's a great addition to a shingling plant, a climbing plant or vining plant. This plant is commonly paired with

  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Monstera Siltepecana
  • Philodendron Mottled Dragon
  • Philodendron Gigas
  • Rhaphidora Cryptantha
  • Philodendron Florida Ghost
  • Monstera Adansonii
Shingling plant on extendable cedar plank by TreleafPhilodendron Pink Princess on wooden Zella trellis for indoor plants by Treleaf

Still need help picking the right trellis for your plant? Fill the form below and someone from our team will be back with suggestions for you.