Welcome to the Treleaf family! Thank you so much for agreeing to work with us. We look forward to building a strong relationship with our ambassadors and collaborators. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to hello@treleaf.shop. 

Here are some suggested points to highlight in the video

  • Treleaf has both staked and wall mounted trellises

  • The wall mounted trellises are complementary to the staked trellises. Once your plants outgrows the trellis, and you don’t want to trim it, you can let it climb on the wall trellises all over your walls. 

  • They come in different sizes 

  • The trellises come in different designs depending on what growth pattern and aesthetics customers want for their plants. 

  • Our vision is to help people display their plants creatively and help them bring more greenery indoors. 

Talking points about the brand 

  • Treleaf is a woman owned small business based in Atlanta. 

  • We started to make modern but sustainable plant accessories. 

  • When we say sustainable, it’s not just a fancy word, we really care about the environment. Most of our products are made from plant-based or plant-sourced materials. That means everything we make is compostable - no plastic waste lingering in landfills forever. All our packaging is compostable too. 

  • All our products are made from locally sourced wood. Made in USA. All our designs are inspired from nature

Detailed points for Specific Collections


  • Trellises are inspired by iconic leaves. 

  • These trellises will help you create the indoor jungle vibes while adding wall decor pieces. They also double up as wall art. 

  • Just install them on your walls and thread your vines through them. Each trellis comes installed with spacers to offset the trellis from the walls. The spacers help in threading the vines through the trellis.

  • Comes with wall tape and hanging hardware that is designed to stick to walls and can be easily removed. 


Collection : Classic 

Products : Monstrella, Palmella, Anthrulla, Cactrella, Trellove, Peptrella, Rosella. 
  • Made from wood, sealed and coated with water resistant coatings, these are designed to prop up your plants while also becoming an accent piece. 

  • The aerial roots on vines will likely not attach easily to these supports.

  • Choose from 2 different sizes that fit your growing plant, grande - 2 feet above soil, and regular - 1 feet above soil. 

Collection : Modular - Grows with your plant

Product name : Zella 
  • Zella trellis is inspired by the Zamioculcas zamiifolia, ZZ leaf.

  • Zella is our first unfinished trellis made from Cedar. We kept it unfinished to mimic nature and help the aerial roots attach to the plank. Its extendable - grows with the plant upto 5 ft. tall. 

  • Cedar is known to be naturally rot resistant. 

Collection : BARE™ - Make It Yours

  • BARE trellises are made from unfinished birch plywood.

  • They are free of any treatment (no stain treatment, no sealing or coatings). The stakes are sealed to make them last in the soil and water.

  • They are ready to be customized, personalized and finished as per preference. 

  • Specially made for DIY and customisation lovers. Doubles up as the most unique gift for a fellow plant lover.

Folia - Wooden plant tags

  • Includes: Set of 12 writable leaf-shaped wooden plant tags.

  • Sustainable and long lasting, writable plant label

  • They are laser cut from cherry finished wood, sealed with exterior grade coatings. The stakes are double coated to protect them from moisture in the soil.

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