Add your personal touch! Infuse your creative ideas to finish BARE™ trellises your own unique way.

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Here is some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. 

1. Mandala Art 

Anthrulla, customized by Reena. She started with a draft sketch on the trellis with a pencil and then traced it with sharpie! Here is what the final trellis looked like. 

mandala art on the anthrulla wood plant stake
hand holding a wooden plant trellis with mandala art with plants in the background
2. Sketching and Embellishments
Monstrella, customized by Mindy. She decided to go with a woodland design for her trellis. She sketched out some ferns, mushrooms and a Luna moth with a pencil before inking it with a micron pen.
Next, she attached some preserved moss with hot glue to embellish a few of the drawings. She added two quartz crystals to the moss at the top. She used clear string to attach the beads (fishing line would also work for this.)
The customized trellis supporting the plant will receive some direct morning sunlight, so the glass beads will throw rainbows all over the plant and trellis.
3. 3-D Cactus Painting 
Grande Cactrella, customised by Breanna. She used shades of dark green acrylic paint to get a 3-D effect on the trellis. White paint was used to make thorns of the cactus.The colour contrast and it's placement is what gives the painting its 3D effect.
4. Wood Staining and Crystal Applique 
Monstrella & Cactrella, customised by Kristen. She stained the trellises with her choice of wood stain. She glued crystals on the trellises with the help of Gorilla glue in a flowing pattern.
 5. Monochrome Marbling effect
Palmella, customized by Alysha. She layered paint over the trellis - started with a light shade or green and building up darker shades by dabbing on it. The trellis was finished with a spray-on glaze that gives it a shiny, glass-like effect. 
Palmella plant support with green marbling effectgreen colored palmella trellis in a white pot with scindapsus on a hanging shelf
6. Finger painting
Cactrella, customized by Marina. She start by squeezing drops of acrylic paint on the trellis and blended the colors together using her finger.  
7. Splatter paint effect
Palmella, customize by Marina. She mixed together orange and white to get a terracotta color. Then used a tooth brush to splatter white paint along the trellis.
7. Two tone color
Monstrella, customized by Zeba. She painted the trellis with warm, bright acrylic colors. She used painter tape to get the sharp transition in the center for the dramatic effect. 
monstrella wooden plant pole with purple and red colorcolorful monstrella trellis holding a satin pothos on a fireplace