Dive into the captivating world of Palmella Staked Trellis with our insightful videos. Explore the features and versatility of this unique plant support that adds a touch of elegance to your garden.

Watch our videos to learn creative ways to use Palmella and elevate your plant styling. Transform your space with Treleaf's Palmella Staked Trellis – where design meets functionality.

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Palmella Trellis Sizes Explained: The Petite size has been discontinued, we now only carry Regular and Grande sizes. 

  Palmella Trellis Setup: Palmella trellis being used to prop up a Hoya Macrophylla plant.   

Palmella trellis being used to stake and hold a Rhaphidaphora Tetrasperma (mini Monstera) plant. 

Palmella Trellis Styling: Palmella wooden plant support being used with heart leaf philodendron plant.   

Palmella trellis supporting a Syngonium plant: 

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