5 Ways to decorate with houseplants for the holidays

Holidays are here and all plant lovers surely have some great ideas on how to keep them alive through the winter. It's time for holiday decorating, make sure these guys get their due attention by adding greenery into your holiday decor. 

Here are some ideas to get creative with your houseplants this holiday season and make them a part of your holiday decorations.

DIY customized ornaments

 Wooden ornaments decorating a christmas tree

 Baby bares customized as holiday ornaments

Light up that potted tree with fairy lights

If you have a large potted plant - a fiddle leaf fig, a palm, a rubber tree - add some dazzle to it with some battery operated fairy lights. You can even consider decorating one of your potted trees to be your christmas tree. 

Plants as centerpieces

Use your favorite plant as the centerpiece on your dining table or living area center table.
Makes for a beautiful display and it will brighten up any space!

Red accents around your plants

Anthrulla trellis with Hoya

Red is the color of the season. Add some red accents and holiday embellishments around your plants. Faux holly berry leaves would be a great addition. 

Add a statement trellis to your plant

Trellove trellis with Hoya

A statement trellis is a great way to add some flair and function to your indoor space. It's perfect for supporting lights and ornaments, which will illuminate the plant in all its glory! 

Green walls for the holidays 

Give your walls a fresh, green makeover with artisan wall mounted trellises. Thread vines through these decorative wooden structures and get ready to enjoy all that greenery from above or off of one side. 

You can't have too much natural beauty around anymore right?

5 ways to decorate with houseplants for the holidays