Holiday designer trellis gift guide - Treleaf Edition

When the holidays approach, you might start thinking about decorating your home. Houseplants can be a great way to add color and life to any space. Houseplant decor is all the rage right now! Houseplant trellises are one of our favorite ways to dress up these plants because they provide both visual interest for an indoor garden as well as support for climbing vines. We've rounded up some of our favorite designer plant supports that will make your houseplants grow in style this holiday season and did we tell you then make a perfect gift! 


With its sleek, eye-catching design that will have      your plant looking like it just walked off the red carpet - this trellis is perfect for any houseplant growers.
Built with two dimensional support in mind and inspired by Monstera leaves--it's not just stylish but also gives all of those top heavy plants what they need!


The Cactrella Grande Wall Trellis 

barrel cactus shaped wooden wall decor with air plantsThis wall decor is a must for any home with vining plants. With an artistic touch this piece will create statement décor while adding beauty into any space it occupies.



 The Zella Modular Trellis

wooden plank support with satin pothos in a pot

These stylish wood planks can spruce up your plants and provide climbing support without the messy moss poles. Made from fragrant cedarwood, this lightweight yet strong design will provide your plants with plenty of space and support to thrive.  This system can be extended up to 5 feet tall with extensions, making it perfect for plants that grow quickly like Ivys or philodendrons!


 Monstrella Petite Wall Trellis 

Add some jungle vibe to your home with this Monstrella petite wall trellis. Perfect for supporting long vining houseplants, these petite leaves will definitely help you create the indoor garden in just minutes! It's easy enough that anyone can do it - simply install them on any walls and thread vines through them.


Trellis Bundles

Wooden plant trellises shaped like leaves

The perfect way to try out the designer supports at a discount, the trellis bundle includes multiple sizes and styles so that you can find one suitable for your space.




Treleaf Gift Card

Treleaf gift card

You can't go wrong with a Treleaf Digital Gift Card. Show them how much you care by giving the gift of their choosing. The perfect accessory for any gardener on your list this year will be our one-of-a kind trellises. With Treleaf Digital Gift Cards, they can choose from any of our products and have it delivered right to them.