Decorating with Plants - Plant Styling

There's something special about adding plant life to your living space. It adds a touch of life, it gives off those perfect jungle vibes and helps add a sense of peace to your area. Decorating with plants has been proven, in multiple studies, to have a positive impact on your mental health and helps lower your daily stress.

Whether you want to add a few plant-inspired accents to some of your living spaces or dedicate a whole wall to your plant babies, the possibilities of decorating with plants are endless. So before you commit to any ideas, read these quick plant styling tips to help guide you down the right path.

a group of plants on wooden bamboo shelves
A group of plants oh bamboo shelves

Consider Plant Care

When choosing what plants you want to use to liven up your living spaces, consider the type of plants that will go into what room and the type of plant care needed. For example, if you have a room that receives full, bright sun, try placing plants that love full sun in that area like - String of Pearls, Citrus trees, or Cacti. Also, consider how often you're in that room. If you place a high care needs place, like a Calathea, in a room you barely enter, chances are it may be forgotten, and quickly die.

So before placing your houseplants in a certain area, make sure they'll be able to thrive in the area you want them to live. Adding grow lights, a humidifier to increase humidity and anything else to help your plant thrive is also an option.

Choose a style

Choosing a style for each living space helps when purchasing your indoor plants decor and will prevent your area from feeling too chaotic. If you want to go for a boho style, choose wicker baskets, pots and plant accessories with neutral or brown earthy tones. If you're going for full jungle vibes, maybe consider making a living wall. This living wall can be filled with all sorts of greenery by simply attaching wall mounts to the wall. Or have different types of trailing plants cascading down from shelves. White, sleek looking planters are a go to for modern look.

Window sill decorated with plants to create a jungle theme
Window sill decorated with plants to create a jungle theme

Decorate your shelves with house plants

One of my favorite ways to add visual interest to any room, is by adding shelves and adding house plants to those shelves. Shelves are such a fun way to display knick knacks, books, family pictures and plants add the perfect finishing touch. Add varying heights to your shelves with different styles of house plants. For each shelf, I like to add one or two trailing plants and one plant to add height, like a snake plant or a plant on a trellis. Playing around with different sizes and a different plant combinations can really make that area pop.

A gray floating shelf decorated with house plants

A floating shelf decorated with 3 different house plants

Add plants to soften harsh areas

If you want an area to look more homey and welcoming, add life by bringing in some leafy plants, like Pothos, Philodendrons or (if you have the space) a big, beautiful Bird of Paradise. These more leafy, tropical plants can easily soften harsh, cold areas.

Place house plants on a windowsill

Placing houseplants on a windowsill is a fun way to show off your green thumb to the neighbors. It adds visual interest to your house, makes it easy for your houseplants to receive light so the thrive, and its a fun way to spice up your window treatment.

Additionally, you can buy some plant stands or attach floating plant shelves to the window to add the to the vibe of that area.

A window sill decorated with various plants and trellises from Treleaf

House plant accessories

Don't underestimate the value of plant accessories. My favorite way to style a plant and a fun way of decorating with houseplants, is by adding fun plant accessories like a handmade planter or a eye catchy trellis. Try these botanically designed trellises by Treleaf. Each trellis design was inspired by different houseplants and they're a perfect and easy way to add a pop of interest to any boring space.

plants decorated with wooden plant trellises by Treleaf

Plants on a table decorated with wooden trellises from Treleaf 

Decorate with indoor trees to create a focal point

Indoor trees, like Fiddle Leaf Fig and Rubber trees add height and dimension to a boring space, corner or room. If you have a blank space next to a couch, or in your office, try to introduce a tall indoor tree to that area and see how it'll transform the space. Just make sure the tree is receiving enough light and don't be afraid to use a grow light if needed.

Decorate the bathroom

Create the perfect spa vibes, by adding plants to your bathroom. Leafy plants like Peace lilies, trailing Philodendrons, and ferns are a great way to make your bathroom feel more at peace. And the post shower steam makes the bathroom a great humid place for the humidity loving plants.

Trailing plants cascading down a shower

Trailing plants cascading down a shower
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

You could also make the bathroom an area to isolate new plants. The constant rotation of plants will give you the chance to change of the look of the bathroom each time you bring in new plants to your house.

Add Cheer to Your home office

Want to keep your mind stimulated while working from home? Add some plant babies to your office space! The indoor greenery will help put your mind at ease and it'll feel so nice bringing plants into the office and take an occasional break to glance at your thriving houseplants.

Office desk with a single plant

Office desk with a single plant
Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

Dress up an office

Don't have a home office but still have to go into a boring work place? See if you can add a few desk plants or place some plants by a windowsill or, even temporarily, add a snake plant or pothos and see how it does under the florescent lighting.

Office plants under a growlight

Office plants under a growlight

Adding plants to an office will help bring up the overall morale and help ease the day to day stress.

Add Air Plants

Adding air plants to little places like by a sink, or on a random shelf is a unique and different way to style an area. With a simple search online, you can find dozens of cute air plant stands that'll fit any style. And picking a spunky, crazy looking air plant can add texture to the plant stand and add be the perfect finishing touch. Our Anthrulla wall mounted trellis also makes for a great display for air plants.

An assortment of plants in funky planters
Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash

Create a festive holiday table

Fill your holiday table with some festive plants this year! Plants like a blooming Hoya during Easter or a beautiful Poinsettia during Christmas are great and easy holiday decor and will get everyone gushing over your rock star green thumb. Use Holiday theme pots to pair with your table decor.

Go Vertical

Get creative and decorate vertical! You can liven up basic white walls with different types of plants and shelves on a wall. You can use hanging planters, shelves or (my personal favorite) the Monstrella wall mounts by Treleaf, which is perfect for vining plants!

House plants growing on Treleaf wall mount trellis

Mix it up

Houseplants come in so many different shapes, colors and textures - create a little corner or decorate a table top with all the different shapes and colors. You could also mix it up by adding lush green plants next to some pampas grass if you like those neutral colors.

Embellish a reading room

Liven up your reading room or nook by adding different types of plants! The plants will make it feel like you're reading in a beautiful jungle and may even help get the creativeness flowing!


A reading nook decorated with plants
Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash