Houseplants as living art for your home

Houseplants have been a part of our homes for a long time now, and the trend shows no signs of going away.

People used to think that houseplants were just a way to spruce up a room instead of being an actual piece of decor, but those rules have been thrown out the window.

Traditional home decor generally is stagnant, and doesn't change much. With houseplants, you can add some color and life to your room. They can be adapted to fit different decor styles - be it eclectic, contemporary or minimalistic. And for seasonal changes adding a little bit of lights, changing the color of that cache pot or just adding a decorative plant support can do wonders to the aesthetics of the plant. 

When you’ve run out of surfaces for greenery, you can start putting them on your walls using our wall mounted trellises! Climbing plants look stunning in an indoor garden, adding charm and interest to bare walls. They might look fancy, they’re basically living art and they are very easy to assemble and care for.  

The best part is, every new leaf, every new vine or branch is going to change the look.

Who doesn't want a piece of ever changing living art adorn every room!

infographic about houseplants as living art for your home