Plant spotlight - Pothos - 4 Ways to display the most common houseplant

Pothos is one of the most popular indoor plants. It's easy to grow and care for, and it's beautiful! In the wild, they can be spotted in tropical forests as understory plants climbing up trees as the plant grows. Pothos plants leaves are thick and glossy with a dark green hue that can actually change colors slightly, depending on how much light it gets. Pothos aesthetic is one of the most easy to pull off, even for a new plant parent. 

There are so many cultivars of house plant pothos available (a topic for a future blog), you are sure to find a plant that goes with your indoor aesthetic. Golden pothos also known as marble queen pothos is one of the most commonly found pothos in the houseplant section of any gardening store. 

Give them some bright indirect light, pot them up in the right potting soil and water/fertilizer your pothos plant regularly and see the greenery take over your space. 

This plant has been used in home decorating since Victorian times but we thought we'd offer some fresh ideas on how you might use them in your own space. Do pothos climb or should you let them trail? Here are some pothos decoration ideas that are very easy to implement. 

  • Let it trail

The most common way to style a trailing pothos plant is to let it trail. Pothos know to be the most common of the vine trailing houseplants family. Place your favorite pothos on a shelf or basket in your home - either on its own, with other plants and greenery, or even alongside some favorite books. The vines trail beautifully down from the top of a shelf (or anywhere else), filling up spaces.

Another option is to display it in a hanging basket as a hanging plant. Pothos will trail beautifully down from the ceiling and add some greenery wherever you like - in your bedroom on a plant shelf, bathroom, kitchen (although this plant does well with low light levels), or even outdoors on your patio! Use a handmade macrame hanger or a hanging modern pot for this particular look.

pothos hanging in a macrame hanger
  • Let it climb on a bamboo stake or totem

Pothos vines (and other plants) can be trained to grow up and around a plant stake or a moss pole. We love staking pothos on a bamboo pole or train pothos up a moss poles. The plant climbing features can add some greenery or a statement piece in an unexpected location. Climbing vines can turn your vining plant into an upright tall plant, perfect for that corner in your room that could use some greenery. Golden pothos climbing makes a beautiful statement piece. 

If you let the vines climb a moss pole and help the aerial roots attach to the pole, you will start seeing the upper leaves become bigger.

pothos plant climbing a moss pole in a brown pot
  • Let is climb on a staked Treleaf trellis

While bamboo poles or totems let the vines climb in one direction, a designer plant support or trellis helps display the beauty of the plant in two dimensions. You can add a statement piece like a Grande sized Monstrella trellis to your pothos to help showcase their beauty even further. How to hang pothos on wall? Just add a wall-mounted trellis or wall clips and see the vines crawl. 

Pothos in a white pot climbing a Treleaf monstrella plant stake

Another way to display your long pothos is by letting the vines go crazy on the wall.

Wall with wooden trellises with pothos vines attached to make a green wall
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