Leaving your plants behind - 5 Tips for a stress-free vacation

Now that you’ve finally got the time to go on vacation (yay!), there is one last thing left: planning your plants. Vacations are usually spent outdoors and who knows what will happen if they aren't cared for properly! But don't worry because here's 5 quick tips designed just in case so you can relax stress-free while away from home with all those adorable little greenery shots around every corner

Water your plants

Make sure you give your plants a nice, deep and thorough watering. Most plants will be fine for at least a week without being watered. So make sure that soil is saturated.

Limit Sun/Grow Light Exposure

Light exposure is one of the quickest ways to dry out a plant, especially natural light. Leave your blinds cracked, instead of fully open and try to limit the amount of time your grow lights are on. If that isn’t possible, try to group your plants together, away from a window. They’ll be fine for a few days without bright light.

Raise the Humidity

If you have a lot of cuttings or small plants that need more frequent waterings, place them in a storage bin and leave the lid loosely on. This will increase the humidity and drastically slow down the rate of that growing medium drying out. You could also make a makeshift greenhouse out of a plastic bag or a cloche could even work great. Find ways to raise the humidity!

Repot if You Can

I know packing and planning a vacation is stressful enough, but if you have a particularly thirsty plant in a terracotta pot, try to find time to repot it. Terra-cotta is made from clay which wicks away moisture in a few short days. Try to repot in a plastic or ceramic pot—they hold onto moisture great!

Hire/ Ask for Help

While these tips are helpful, sometimes it’s just easier to ask a friend or hire a fellow plant person to help, especially if you’re going to be gone longer than a week. You could write detailed instructions or join your local Facebook plant group and see who offers plant care services around you.

The idea of leaving plants behind is a tough one, but it doesn't have to be the case. Just set up your houseplants for success and enjoy yourself on vacation. Your plants will be there to welcome you home with beautiful new leaves!