Indoor Plants Decor with Treleaf Trellises


Plants do well when placed in proximity of each other, so put a few together along a shelf or fireplace mantle and let the vines wander along the wall. The English Ivy, heart-leaf philodendron, and or the good old pothos are perfect with the Monstrella wall-mounted trellises.

The Monstrella trellis by Treleaf


Easily-maintained but reaching for the sky, these vertical-space lovelies always command attention and elongate any corner in your home. The Snake Plant, Dracaena Plant, and the jaw-dropping ZZ Plant all balance nicely with the Anthrulla and the Monstrella. Be bold and add the Palmella for an envious gaze from visitors.


Queen Anthurium, Palm Leaf, Monstera Deliciosa boast large, showy, bright green leaves. These are the true “Queens of the Jungle”. Juxtapose it with the Palmella trellis (in Grande, if you have a large plant), and instantly bring Mother Nature into any large room.


While there are some species of Hoyas that will start blooming as a tiny cutting, many species (like Linearis, Carnosa, & Obovata) prefer to be long and mature before they bloom. So try to find out the species of your Hoya and see if time is all it needs.

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