Pothos Types: The common and not so common varieties

The pothos plant, commonly known as Devil's Ivy and scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, is the indoor plant every one loves. With its heart shaped green leaves, trailing vines and ease of care, it makes a great beginner plant and is a staple for plant parents. If you've fallen in love with the every day pothos, then let me introduce you to these other varieties of pothos plants.

marble queen pothos on cactrella trellis by treleaf

Marble queen pothos on Cactrella trellis by Treleaf


Pothos types

Golden pothos

Golden pothos, also commonly called Devil's Ivy, is the most popular amongst pothos plants. It shows beautiful golden variegation amongst its green foliage. Often Golden pothos tend to revert to its all green variation. To avoid this, give your pothos more light and the gold will come right back.

trailing, unpotted golden pothos

Trailing Golden pothos
Photo by feey on Unsplash

Cebu blue pothos

Cebu blue pothos is different frin the everyday pothos. First, it's scientifically known as an Epipremnum pinnatum. And is native to the Cebu Islands in the Philippines. But what really sets this plant apart, is the arrow head shaped leaves and that have a blue tint. Instead of dark green leaves, Cebu blue pothos has a blue/silver sheen to its leaves. And when grown as a climbing plant, the mature leaves grow splits and beautiful fenestrations.

Cebu blue pothos in hanging basket

Cebu blue pothos in macrame hanger

Jessenia pothos

Jessenia pothos is another sport variegated variety of pothos, similar to a Marble queen pothos. The Jessenia pothos has heart shaped leaves that are marbled with bright chartreuse. The best thing about growing these variegated pothos plants, is that you never know what the next leaf will look like. Given bright indirect light, the variegation might tone down a little. Given a little direct sunlight, they might give more chartreuse leaves than dark green leaves.

Global green pothos

Global green pothos is one of the newest pothos plants to hit the market. It was released by Costa Farms in early 2021. Global green pothos has medium green leaves with a lime green variegation. It has that beautiful bright chartreuse every plant parent lusts after, for half the price.

Global green pothos on trellis by treleaf

Global green pothos on Palmella by Treleaf

Baltic Blue pothos

Baltic blue pothos is another pothos cultivar released by Costa Farms. Similar to the Cebu blue pothos, it has that unique arrow shaped leaves but, has dark green foliage rather than blue green leaves. In our experience, Baltic blue pothos is one of the easiest plants to grow as a climbing plant. As an experiment, we suggest getting your Baltic blue pothos to climb a wooden plank, like the Zella trellis from Treleaf, and enjoy watching the leaves grow bigger and start to mature. It will become a completely different plant.

baltic blue pothos on trellis by Treleaf

Baltic blue pothos on Cactrella trellis by Treleaf

Marble queen pothos

Marble queen pothos is another commonly found pothos. Notorious for it's all cream leaves and like the Golden pothos, will have more variegated foliage when given more light. The Marble queen pothos is the parent plant to a lot of the common variegated pothos plants we see everyday.

trailing marble queen pothos

Trailing Marble queen pothos
Photo by feey on Unsplash

Jade pothos

Jade pothos has solid green foliage free from any speckling or yellow variegation you may see in other pothos cultivars.

jade pothos in hanging planter
Jade pothos in hanging planter
Photo by feey on Unsplash

Satin pothos

Scindapsus argyraeus, commonly called satin pothos, is a vining pothos with light green foliage that is speckled with silvery, reflective variegation. It also has a slightly velvet texture which is why it's give the common name of "Silver satin pothos".

satin pothos in hanging basket

Satin pothos in hanging planter
Photo by gryffyn m on Unsplash

Manjula pothos

Manjula pothos is one of the most stunning plant compared to other pothos plants. It's characterized by it's large heart shaped leaves with a white, green and cream variegation. It's leaves also have a slight waxy texture to them, which makes it easier to tell apart from other pothos cultivars.

manjula pothos in hanging basket

Manjula pothos in hanging basket

Glacier pothos

Epipremnum aureum 'Glacier" is a small pothos variety with rounder leaves that have green and white variegation, similar to a Pearls and jade pothos. Glacier pothos will often have small flecks of silver variegation which is the easiest way to tell the two apart. It's also a type of pothos that's naturally occuring out in nature, first discovered in the Solomon Islands unlike many of the other pothos cultivars that are stem mutations of a Marble queen pothos.

glacier pothos vine

Vine of Glacier pothos

Pearls and Jade

Pearls and jade pothos is a pothos cultivar that was created in 2009 by stem mutation of a Marble queen pothos. Pearls and jade pothos is known for it's beautiful green foliage with white variegation. And similar to the Golden pothos, sunlight is a huge factor in its variegation. In indirect light, the leaves will turn more green. And to get more variegation, up the amount of light it recieves.

pearls and jade pothos sprouting from the ground

Pearls and jade pothos
Photo by shuvrodeep dutta on Unsplash

Neon pothos

Neon pothos can be identified by its bright neon, chartreuse foliage. It's a nice way to add a pop of color in any indoor jungle.

three leaves of neon pothos

Pot of Neon pothos
Photo by おにぎり on Unsplash