Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Gift picks for plant lovers & gardeners by Team Treleaf

Looking for the best gifts for plant lovers? Looking for plant accessories beyond watering cans? 

Look no further than here! The Treleaf team has put together our favorite must have plant accessories gifts, and we're sure you'll be pleased with it. This gift guide is curated by Zeba, Marina, Laura, Arsala & Tanvi for the indoor plant parent.

Support small business owners or artists while giving the planty person in your life the perfect present. There is a mix of plant accessories as well as plant themed items. We are sure they'll love it as much as we do.

Ceramic pots by TreuPots

handmade planter with leaf impressions perfect for houseplants
This is a pick for pot lovers out there. These one-of-a-kind pots are handmade and are sure to charm all plant parents with their uniqueness. 


Rare tropical plants by Plant Modernist 

Nothing better than gifting a rare plant to charm any green-thumb. Plant Modernist specializes in making Anthurium hybrids so you know what to get for your Anthurium enthusiast friend.

a set of anthurium clarinervium plants on a table

Handmade macrame by ReenasMacrame 

This one is for those who always run out of floor space for their plants. These cute handmade macrame plant hangers are your solution to make some extra room for your green friends. 

A spider plant in a terracotta pot hanging from a white macrame hanger

Plants for everyday plant parents by Peace, Love & Happiness Club

All your plant needs taken care of by Peace, Love & Happiness Club. They specialize in tropical houseplants ranging from great starter plants to hard to find rare tropicals.  Alongside sits an array of plant supplies (soil, fertilizers, moss poles, amendments, decorative stones), apothecary, gifts, cards, and seasonal must haves.  A delight for the senses.

Alocasia cuprea in a pot

Cute Planty stickers by Plant Scouts

The planty person in your life is going to love these cute planty sun catchers for the plant room windows. They catch the sun and blast rainbows throughout your house. 

Alocasia frydek sticker

Plant themed original wood burned art by Courney Burke Art

Turn their love for plants into art decor with plant inspired wood burned art by Courtney Burke. Her artwork is simply stunning!

wood burned plant themed art on a live-edge wooden plank

Pottery from Well Traveled Wares

pot with monstera leaf stuck to it

Planty board game from Flatout games

If you are into euro-style strategy board games, this is a perfect board game to try. The art work on the various plants and the theme is super cute and a great way to connect with your family while sharing the love of nature and plants.  

board game cards with plant theme set up on a table


Retro with Earrings Head Planter by SassySoulSisterStore

This retro themed planter is sure to turn 'heads'.

planty earrings on a mannequin head


Barbie Legs with Air Plant Magnet by ZooperArt

Airplant display couldn't get any quirkier than this. The Barbie Legs makes a great gift for a green-thumbed pal with a humor. 

magnetic air plant holder


Plant Life Support Drip Irrigation Device for House Plants by HALLAroidHouse

If you're tired of babysitting your friend's plants while you're away then Plant Life Support is the ideal solution for watering plants when they’re away. Plant Life Support will drip-feed everything the plant needs for the duration of their vacation.

plant life support installed in a houseplant


Jellyfish Air Plants with Hand Painted Knobby Shells by RootBotanical

Not only do these jellyfish shaped shells provide the perfect air plant display, they're also a gorgeous solution for reviving a boring wall.

jellyfish shaped airplant wall holders


Clear Quartz Crystal Plant Stake by BehenDesigns

These crystal plant stakes are beautiful accents pieces for potted plants. The planter stakes are great for plant lovers as well as people who may not have a green thumb, as there's always something pretty to look at in the pot...even if the plant isn't currently in great shape! 

a set of clear quartz crystals on a black plastic stake


Sage Daisy Dangles by Clay & Claridad

These adorable clay earrings are perfect for botanical lovers. They’re subtle, hand-crafted, and won’t unexpectedly die (because we all know it’s happened before).

clay dangle earrings with flowers


Plant tote bag by MoonwakeDesignsCo

plant theme white canvas tote bag


White Floral and Gold Flake Resin Coasters by poppyandpour

A functional accent piece for your buddy. These resin coasters are filled with dried blooms and greens and covered in gold flakes for a glam take on coffee tables.

white floral clear resin coasters


Nature Heart enamel pin by TsuinBros

Plant themed enamel pin


Airplant & Succulent gift box by Succulents Box 

These gift boxes are the most interesting way to give something unique and cute to your plant-loving friends. Looking after these kinds of plants is reasonably simple. Moreover, with its unique and beautiful aesthetics, plants can add mesmerizing beauty to the place. They fit well in small spaces and they look good in just about anything. 

succulent box flat lay showing a set of cactus


Indoor Plant Stand by RainbleLand

wooden plant stand


Mini Garden Tools Set KIIZYS Store

metal garden tools in a canvas bag


Hanging Grow Light by The Sill

Fiddle leaf fig plant in a terracotta pot under a white grow light


Smart Standard Growframe by The Sill

black frame with a rectangular terracotta planter with a number of houseplants


Succulent Pots with Stand by BESTTOYHOME

succulent pots on a natural wood stand


Wooden plant supports from Treleaf

Of course, our entire team recommends any of the wooden plant supports (staked or wall mounted) for your plants. You can pick from a variety of styles and sizes. And you can never go wrong with our bundles. 

plants in white pots with wooden trellises shaped like leaves from treleaf

 If you want more gifting ideas, check out our gift guide picks for 2021 in the blog from last year.  And the perfect DIY bundle for the creative in your life.