Tired of misting your moss poles? Don't like the aesthetics of DIY poles. Are the poles too high-maintenance for you? Look no further. We have created a low cost alternative to moss or coco coir poles, the Zella trellis.

Zella is designed with functionality in mind and mimics nature. A wooden plank is the perfect way to train your vines. And bonus! They grow with your plant. Just add an extension once the plant outgrows your trellis. 

Below are some videos that help you understand the functionality of the trellis. Get styling inspiration and practical tips. 

Your plants are going to thank you with health and growth once you give them the right support. 

Our videos guide you in using Zella Trellis to enhance your plant styling. Elevate your surroundings with Treleaf's Zella Trellis – where nature meets craftsmanship.

Setup & Styling: 

Zella holding up a Rhaphidophora Hayi plant.

We have updated the design of the trellis and made some improvements. You no longer need to use the black felt strips before you extend the trellis. 

Styled By Customers:

Grande sized Zella supporting a Monstera Adansonii plant. 

Treleaf X Jaclynn's Jungle: Watch Jaclynn unbox and set up Zella trellises with her Pothos plants. 


Customer Review & Styling :

Regular sized Zella supporting a Micans plant.