Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - Treleaf Team's pick for gifts

Looking for a unique plant-themed gift? Check out our updated 2022 list here. 

Look no further than here! The Treleaf team has put together our favorite items, and we're sure you'll be pleased with it. Support small business owners or artists while giving the planty person in your life the perfect present. We are sure they'll love it as much as we do.

Handmade terracotta pot with monstera leaf design

Handmade pots

With the holidays approaching, consider giving a unique handmade pot this Christmas. You can find MoriCeramics on Etsy and they have some fantastic designs that will go with any home decor! These simple, elegant and functional creation ceramic pieces are made in San Francisco. (Recommended by Marina)


Candle in a pink holder and label with wildflower seeds

 The growing candles 

Want a product that is designed with sustainability in mind? Look no further. The grow candle is one such product.  The label around each candle is embedded with wildflower seeds, allowing you to reuse the container to plant a little garden. They use Natural Ingredients and all candles are colorant free, phthalate free. (Recommended by Arsala)


Macro shot of an air plant in a white frame

Plant photos as plant art 

Use plant photographs to add some color and texture to your plant shelves. Get a plant photo print from Kelsey Brown Photography! You can pick from flowers, vivid colorful floral macro shots or leaf shots to match with your home decor. (Recommended by Sean)


sun catcher in the shape of a monstera leaf

Planty Sun Catchers:

The planty person in your life is going to love these cute planty sun catchers for the plant room windows. They catch the sun and blast rainbows throughout your house. And did we say these are plant themed?These would make a great gift and would be a perfect stocking stuffer.  (Recommended by Marina)


Black shirt with hoya names written on it

 Plant shirts

Who here loves wearing planty shirts? We absolutely do. We might be a bit biased here, but these shirts designed by our very own Marina would be perfect for that Hoya lover in your life. (Recommended by Zeba)



white tote bag with plant lady written on it and a floral print

 Plant Lady Canvas Tote Bag

Be sure to show off your inner plant lady with this flower illustrated "Plant Lady" canvas tote bag. Each bag is screen printed on heavy duty cotton and is durable enough to carry plants, groceries, books, and more. This bag makes a great gift for anyone who loves florals and foliage! (Recommended by Arsala)


potting mat with monstera print

 Potting mat 

If you are a plant parent, you surely have to do a lot of planty chores that make a mess. These potting mats help keep the planty messes in check. (Recommended by Arsala)



philodendron micans


Gifting a plant?

Check out Eclectic plant goods for the best prices on a variety of plants. We swoon over all the rhipsalis they occasionally have in stock. They are local to Atlanta, but they do shop nationwide. (Recommended by Zeba)


Wooden plant supports from Treleaf

Of course, our entire team recommends any of the wooden plant supports (staked or wall mounted) for your plants. You can pick from a variety of styles and sizes. And you can never go wrong with our bundles. 

plants in white pots with wooden trellises from treleaf