What is a trellis?

Trellises were once used as a way to add art to a garden or landscaping. In recent years, trellises have created an entire world for themselves and found a way to not only be art but also be functional.

lattice work trellis with flowers woven through

Latticework trellis with flowers vining through
Photo by Brittney Strange on Unsplash

A trellis is a framework made flat from metal or wood used to support plants like, shrubs, trees or vines. A garden trellis can be used as an accent pieces or can add privacy by weaving climbing vines through.

Trellises also make a great statement piece. In the garden or in a plant room, the right kind of trellis and plant pairing can elevate an area.

metal garden trellis

Metal garden trellis with vining plant
Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

Trellises traditionally are large structures made for supporting climbing plants outdoors. With the new surge in houseplants, there have been newer trellises available designed specifically for indoor potted plants.

What are the types of trellises?

Bamboo Stake

One of the most common trellises is a bamboo stake or a support trellis made from bamboo. These are easily found in any garden center and can come as a singular stake or even in a ladder or an upside U shape or arch shape.

Metal trellis

Metal garden trellis is another popular material you'll find in any garden center. Due to its durability, a metal garden trellis is best for outdoor gardens. Often used to vine and support fruit bearing plants.

thin metal wired plant trellis

Thin, metal wired plant trellis
Photo by Sarah Bronske on Unsplash


The last type of trellis commonly found in garden centers. Plastic trellises vary in colors from black to green. They can come in that classic upside U shape, ladder design and so much more.

DIY Trellis ideas

To save on money and resources, many gardeners will make their own trellises. These can be anything made from popsicle sticks, bamboo stakes, PVC pipe and more. A great way to use materials you have laying around.

DIY trellis
DIY trellis with heartleaf Philodendron
Photo by Jo Magcayang on Unsplash

Read this blog if you want tips on making your own DIY trellis!

Outdoor trellis vs indoor trellis

With the recent growth in popularity of houseplants, trellises have taken on a new form. Using an outdoor trellises for indoor plants can be cumbersome and close to impossible. So, what are the differences?

Outdoor trellis

Outdoor trellis, or garden trellises, are often made from metal because they're made for the garden and need to width-stand outdoor environments. And people will use a garden trellis to grow vining plants like cucumbers, help support top heavy flowers or to add shade to a yard.

garden trellis arch

Garden trellis arch
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

Indoor trellis

An indoor trellis is almost the complete opposite of the garden trellis. Indoor trellises can be made from many different materials like; wood, plastic, metal, etc. And they're typically much smaller than a garden trellis since they're made to be in potted plants.

plant window with treleaf trellises

Plant window with Treleaf Monstrella trellis

Indoor trellises are used to help unruly or top heavy plants but can also help plants mature. Once given the proper support, many houseplants will start growing bigger, more mature leaves. And with plant people wanting to style their plants around the house, you may see indoor trellises made in different shapes, styles and colors. A fun way to incorporate plants to home decor.

Peperomia on Stella trellis from Treleaf

Peperomia plant on Stella trellis

Staked vs Wall mounted

With one quick search, you'll quickly notice just how many different types of trellises are on the market. However, the main two you will see are staked trellises and wall mounted trellises.

 wall mounted trellis with plant growing up
Monstrella wall mounted trellis

Staked trellises

Staked trellises are a type of trellis you can stick directly into the ground or into potted plants.

painted Bare trellis by Treleaf

Painted Bare trellis from Treleaf

Wall mounted

Wall mounted trellises are a quick way to add some decor to your house. Wall mounted trellises often come in different types of shapes and designs and can be attached to your wall. You can them weave a plant through the trellis and have your plant grow up it.

mini wall mounts from treleaf

Mini wall mounted trellises from Treleaf

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